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eTools: Your Connected Machines
(Feature coming soon, consult us).
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better manage

eTools is a remote management service that allows the user to have direct control over their machine fleet.

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better decide

eTools is a tool for measuring, analyzing and assisting decision-making to optimize the production of one or more outlets.

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better delegate

Create Delegated Users lets you assign them responsibility for the machines of one or more structures

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better produce

With the flexibility of modifying and customizing your programs, the responsiveness of response when needed and the production data you can collect, all your production is improved.

    Via the online interface, the user can:

    - manage programs of its machines.
    - Organize your machines by structure: sector, country, point of sale or any other criterion of your choice.
    - Manage its delegated users and assign them responsibility for one or more structures.
    - Visualize the activity and condition of its machines in real time.
    - Receive alerts in case of failure.
    - Extract data from the machine park for analysis.

    All this in an environment using the latest security and data protection standards.
    Compatible PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet.

    1. Create your account

    With just a few clicks, and after email validation, your eTools account will be created!

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    2. Connect your machine

    By Wifi or network cable, follow the guide from your eDrive control unit!

    3. You're ready!

    Start using eTools and enjoy its many features!

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    Available on PC, tablet or smartphone: enjoy eTools wherever you want, whenever you want!

    Examples of use :
    Feature coming soon, consult us for more information:

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