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Eurofours expertise
Our expertise represents 40 years of experience in design, manufacturing and use
for products as varied as traditions are different around the world.
Performance and energy consumption
They combine to achieve fermentation that corresponds to the expectations of the demanding professional.
Using energy with the best efficiency and the lowest possible consumption is a decisive issue.
The quality of Eurofours equipment is always defined by
The quality of the materials and components used. A design that goes beyond the use that will be made of it.
Rigorous, controlled manufacturing at each stage of Assembly.
A start-up, service and advice always available to accompany you on a daily basis.

High-performing design

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High-performing groups

They ensure the reliability and quality of fermentation. Carefully selected from the most competent suppliers, they are available with the tropicalization option. To comply with the new environmental standards, they are all equipped with R452A gas.
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Strengthened barriers

Exterior protective bars and interior stainless steel profiles protect doors and bulkheads from the inevitable blows of trolleys.
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Evaporator and wall treatment

All of our evaporators receive anti-corrosion surface treatment and salt fog protection. This gives them a longer life. The treatment of the interior walls guarantees your products a hygienic environment and easy to maintain.
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Controlled air flow

The airflow is conditioned by side sheaths to optimize and homogenize the fermentation results. Soft and perfectly distributed, it does not bully the dough and ensures the best rendering and avoids any risk of crusting.

to offer you the best

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Easy getting started

The eDrive control is a 60x100mm (4.5'') touch screen. Its location protects it from trolley impacts. 8 programs are available in addition to 2 manual modes in cold and hot. Its interface has been specially developed with ergonomics in mind: it is one of the most intuitive regulations on the market.
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Compatibility and performance

With a useful height of 1920mm and a large number of sizes, our rooms can accommodate most of the trolleys on the market and meet all your requirements. In addition, with an eligible load of 100 kg of dough per cart, they offer you a very high efficiency and increased productivity.
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Connected rooms

The IoT (Internet of Things) is one of the most important technological developments of recent years. When equipped with eDrive control, your equipment becomes connected and communicating. This gives you access to all the functionalities of sending and receiving OnLine data. (Coming soon, consult us.)
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Hygiene and waterproofing

Equipped with specific hinges, the doors ensure a 100% waterproof closure while preserving the seal from premature wear. In order to avoid any upwelling of moisture, the partitions are mounted on stainless insoles that avoids bacterial proliferation in the room such as the ease of maintenance and cleaning of the interior walls that ensure you grow in the best way. conditions with the minimum of effort!

Discover its features:


For frozen raw dough 40x80

Range "A"

Inside dimensions:


620 x 950 mm: ref 1A8x10 

2 trolleys

1000 x 950 mm: ref 2A 12x10

620 x 1750 mm: ref 2A 8x18

3 trolleys

1450 x 850 mm: ref 3A 16x10

620 x 2550 mm: ref 3A 8x26

4 trolleys

1850 x 850 mm: ref 4A 20x10

1000 x 1750 mm: ref 4A 12x18

For fresh dough 60x80

Range "D"

Inside dimensions:

2 trolleys

1450 x 850 mm: ref 2D 16x10

800 x 1750 mm: ref 2D 10x18

3 trolleys

2250 x 850 mm: ref 3D 24x10

800 x 2250 mm: 3D ref 10x26

4 trolleys

800 x 3550 mm: ref 4D 10X36

1400 x 1700 mm: ref 4D 16X18

For fresh dough 70x90 / 80x80

"C" range

Inside dimensions:

1 trolley

1000 x 1150 mm: ref 1C 12x12

2 trolleys

1650 x 1050 mm: ref 2C 18x12

1000 X 1950 mm: ref 2C 12x20

3 trolleys

2450 x 1050 mm: ref 3C 26x12

1000 x 2750 mm: ref 3C 12x28

4 trolleys

3250 x 1050 mm: ref 4C 34x12

1000 x 3950 mm: ref 4C 12x40

1800 X 1900 mm: ref 4C 20x20



Electromechanical regulation

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Equips the range of rooms as standard. This regulation allows you to control all the stages of controlled fermentation.

eDrive touch

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Available as an option, the eDrive control is a 60x100mm base (4.5 ' ') touch screen built into the oven front. It allows to process 100 programs: 

1 manual program

3 continuous cooking programs

96 recipes with 6 possible phases.



Outdoor protections

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Extra door

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Isolated soil

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Door glazing (oculus)

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Tropicalized group

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Remote group

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Connected machines

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Discover all the benefits of connected machines!

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