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Pierre Elec sole ovens
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Eurofours expertise
Our expertise represents 40 years of experience in design, manufacturing and use
for products as varied as traditions are different around the world.
Performance and energy consumption
They combine to make the cooking that corresponds to the expectations of the demanding professional.
Using energy with the best efficiency and the lowest possible consumption is a decisive challenge to offer you the best ovens.
The quality of a Eurofours furnace is always defined by
The quality of the materials and components used. A design that goes beyond the use that will be made of it.
Rigorous, controlled manufacturing at each stage of Assembly.
A start-up, service and advice always available to accompany you on a daily basis.

High-performing design

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Cooking slabs and resistances

On the one up,  20mm thickness our slabs are vibrated and heavily talochized to withstand the abrasion of their surface. Reinforced by a metal mesh in the centre they are circled in a stainless steel frame to ensure their stability over time. The power of resistance electrical (independent sole / vault) guarantees this sole a strong inertia and a perfect diffusion of heat.
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Insulation materials remain stable and effective throughout the oven lifecycle. Our tests show that the outer walls of the oven remain at a maximum temperature of 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit) above the temperature
the supply. This is possible thanks to the choices of the best materials (stabilized glass wool and reinforced 45mm thick.)
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Rocking windows

Clean glass combined with well-broadcast lighting  in the cooking chamber it is the assurance of a good vision of your Products. Eurofours invents and protects the glass that cleans itself by patent 
without taking it apart. The glass stays in place, which  avoids any risk of breakage.
1: Cleaning position, 2: Open position, 3: closed position, 4 Semi-open position.
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Homogeneous fog on each floor

Each steam device is dedicated to one floor. It consists of an external enclosure (1) in which the fog rods (2), stifling by a tesnit joint (3). The mist is injected from the back of the oven. Resistances are not in direct contact with water, which increases their longevity. Their performance thus remains stable over time. This wet mist condenses quickly on your products in a uniform way: guaranteed shine!

to offer you the best

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Easy getting started

Isponible on 2, 3 and 4-storey ovens, The Evidence Regulation is a touch screen that allows you to control each floor independently, distinguishing sole and vault temperatures. Electromechanical regulation is also possible, with a control per floor.
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Various furnace solutions

Our Pierre Elec sole oven offers several methods of baking. Its built-in lift oven offers you the best in terms of ergonomics: it remains light and easily manipulated in elevation or translation, whatever its load. A storage position (with hood erasure) removes your footprint from the ground. You can also equip your Pierre Elec with a scissor or column lift.
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Suitable for each type of production

Offered with 1 900 mm wide track or 2 620- or 770-mm lanes, our Pierre Elec range of ovens also offers 3 depths: 1200, 1800 and 2100 mm. So, whether for reasons of clutter or production volume, you will necessarily find the model suitable for your supply! 
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Customizable color

The façade cladding sheets are customizable. This epoxy finish is particularly durable and easy to maintain. Applied to a stainless steel support, it adds a touch that enhances the character of the oven and is a decorative element that fits harmoniously in your store!

Discover its features:


1 lane width 900 mm

cooking surfaces from 3.24 to 9.45 m2

3 floors

depth 1200: ref PE-319-12

depth 1800: ref PE-319-18

depth 2100: ref PE-319-21

4 floors

depth 1200: ref PE-419-12

depth 1800: ref PE-419-18 

depth 2100: ref PE-419-21

5 floors

depth 1200: ref PE-519-12

depth 1800: ref PE-519-18 

depth 2100: ref PE-519-21

2 lanes width 620 mm

cooking surfaces from 4.50 to 5.95 m2

3 floors

depth 1200: ref PE-326-12

4 floors

depth 1200: ref PE-426-12

2 lanes width 770 mm

cooking surfaces from 8.30 to 12.90 m2

3 floors

depth 1800: ref PE-328-18

depth 2100: ref PE-328-21

4 floors

depth 1800: ref PE-428-18 

depth 2100: ref PE-428-21



EVCO digital regulation

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Equips the range of Pierre Elec sole ovens as standard. This regulation allows you to control all the functions of the oven (time and temperature of cooking mist, oura, hood)

A floor-by-floor regulation.

Touch evidence

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Available as an option, The Evidence Regulation is a touch screen built into the front of the oven. Only on 3- and 4-story models.



Built-in furnace

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Column furnace

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Reinforced chassis

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Anti-calial filter

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Anti-mud filter

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Deported electric box

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Personal color

Choose to customize your oven: The stainless steel receives an epoxy paint.

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