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Ventilated ovens 5 & 10 trays
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Eurofours expertise
Our expertise in convection ovens represents 40 years of experience in design, manufacturing and use
for products as varied as traditions are different around the world.
Performance and energy consumption
They combine to make the cooking that corresponds to the expectations of the demanding professional.
Using energy with the best efficiency and the lowest possible consumption is a decisive challenge to offer you the best ovens.
The quality of a Eurofours convection ovens is always defined by
The quality of the materials and components used. A design that goes beyond the use that will be made of it.
Rigorous, controlled manufacturing at each stage of Assembly.
A start-up, service and advice always available to accompany you on a daily basis.

High-performing design

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Stainless steel chamber

Convection oven’s high-performance means even (uniform) and regular bakings every day and during all day long. Along with regular and delicate spread of air circulation in the baking chamber through the conception-wise impellor, steam injections precisely adjustable in seconds, optimum power burn per oven capacity prove high quality results without compromising at any level.
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Energy saving with 4 cm insulation  rockwool slabs rounding the baking chamber,  double glass door ensure even baking results.  Just keep the T° low while you do not use the oven to safe energy  and reach you pre-heat T° in a record time.  
The dual glass door with its integrated fresh air channel avoids the risks of burning during baking operation.  The inner hinge helps cleaning the glass inside.  Keep your products visible for clients and baking operators!
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Tempered double glass door

Oven has square angles, easy removable glass  and door seal to make the maintenance easier and faster. Natural ventilation between the glasses lowers its external temperature to avoid  risks of burn and improve insulation of the oven.
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Foggy steam and airflow control

The guarantee to maintain  humidity  thanks to steam spray. Precise water spray technology which ensure you the right colour all around your product.  DELICATE PASTRIES to bake?   No worries, adjustable speed air flow of the impellor is the right tool to bake meringues, macarons, biscuits, puff and Danish pastries. Up to 40% reduction of the speed air flow with 10 levels adjustments can be different in each of 6 phases of baking on e-drive for very large choice of pastries.

to offer you the best

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Easy getting started

Available as an option, the eDrive control is a 60x100mm base (4.5 ' ') touch screen built into the oven front. It allows to process 100 programs:  1 manual program, 3 continuous cooking programmes and 96 recipes with 6 possible phases. Its interface has been specially developed in a permanent concern of ergonomics: it is one of the most intuitive regulations of the market.
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Customizable color

The façade cladding sheets are Customizable. This finish Epoxy is particularly  durable and easy to maintain. Applied on a stainless steel support, it provides a touch that strengthens the character of the oven and is an element of decoration that fits harmoniously in your store!

Discover its features:


Ovens 4 & 5 trays

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space between levels

4 trays: 106mm

5 trays: 85mm

electrical power / heating (kW) :

without steam: 5.8 / 5.25 

with steam: 10.2 / 9.45

400 x 600: REF FVE05A

W x D x H (mm): 780 "x 1085" x 625 "

weight (kg): 125

600 x 400: REF FVE05T

W x D x H (mm): 980 "x 885" x 625 "

weight (kg): 125

400 x 800: REF FVE05B

W x D x H (mm): 780 "x 1285" x 625 "

weight (kg): 140


460 x 660 (18 ' ' x 26 ' '): REF FVU05U

W x D x H: 33 "x 43" x 25 ' '

weight (kg): 153

Ovens 8, 9 & 10 trays

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space between levels

8 trays: 107mm

9 trays: 95mm

10 trays: 85mm

electrical power / heating (kW) :

without steam: 11.2 / 10.5  

with steam: 19.7 / 18.9

400 x 600: REF FVE010A

W x D x H (mm): 780 "x 1085" x 1080 "

weight (kg): 200

600 x 400: REF FVE010T

W x D x H (mm): 980 "x 885" x 1080 "

weight (kg): 200

400 x 800: REF FVE010B

W x D x H (mm): 780 "x 1285" x 1080 "

weight (kg): 225


460 x 660 (18 ' ' x 26 ' '): REF FVU10U

W x D x H: 33 "x 43" x 43 ' '

weight (kg): 215



Digital Runi

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Team the range of ovens ventilated as standard. This digital control allows to control all the functions of the oven (time and cooking temperature fog, oura, hood)

eDrive touch

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Available as an option, the eDrive control is a 60x100mm base (4.5 ' ') touch screen built into the oven front. It allows to process 100 programs: 

1 manual program

3 continuous cooking programs

96 recipes with 6 possible phases.




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2-speed Extractor hood 

Aspirated by turbine, the vapours are evacuated via a chimney.

Air-condensing hood

Condensed by exchanger, the vapours are transformed into water and then evacuated via the mains.

Mist recuperator

The vapours are condensed and evacuated via the mains to a water reservoir on top of the furnace.


Decorative hood

Hood without suction or evacuation device


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A controlled hygrometry

Height 910mm

On adjustable feet or castors

Number of floors: 8

Spacing between floors: 75mm

Weight: 79kg

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Controlled fermentation Cabinet

Direct fermentation

Direct cold

Complete cycle

Storing the last temperature

Group/defrost/short cycle information

Display defaults

Manual Hygrostat, adjustable from 30 to 100%

Stainless steel front and housing

Full door

On adjustable feet or castors


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On adjustable feet or castors

Height 240 in

number of floors: 0 

weight (kg): 5

Height 550 in

number of floors: 3

weight (kg): 31

Height 780 in

number of floors: 6 

weight (kg): 41

Height 910 in

number of floors: 8

weight (kg): 50



Fine pastry Pack

Speed controller 

Reduces ventilation speed by 40% for cooking delicate products.

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Puff pastry

Fresh air intake ensures optimized cooking of products such as owls.


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Steam production by injecting water into a fog box to give shine. The water is not sprayed directly on the resistors. No maintenance is required. Injection up to 60 seconds.

Speed controller

Reduces ventilation speed by 40% for cooking delicate products. (Included in the fine pastry Pack)

Half load

Reduces electrical power by half for a load less than or equal to half the capacity.

Available only on oven equipped with steam.

Personal color

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Choose to personalize your oven: the stainless steel receives an epoxy paint. (side panels of oven and base/incubator).

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