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Gourmandise line

Take over your store. Set up a decoration in his image. Receive guests in a warm and pleasant atmosphere. Like that of a good pastry shop, your store will be the setting that will receive the fruit of your work. Choice and harmony of colors, it is together that we will develop it so that it is in your image.

Your store is your workplace. As such, it must meet specific ergonomic criteria. Nothing more bad in front of customers to have to look after a package, an accessory, a utensil ... You must be able to move around and serve your customers while being comfortable, with "everything on hand".

Highlighting your products remains the central objective of our approach. Your store's traffic must meet two objectives: your customers must be able to identify at first glance what they have come for. But they must also be able to be guided or attracted by a novelty, a specialty, a product that they will discover...

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High-performing design

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They are made of PVC panels composed  3 cm polyurethane insulation for a Perfect waterproofing. Access to the tank is easy: Show trays are removable and fans are mounted on an articulated stainless steel sheet. This sheet rotates on the back to allow access evaporator.

The sheltered groups are easily accessible. there  aeration grid is deposited without a toole cleaning the condenser. The groups are sliding drawers that make it easier to access maintenance. The electric box is mounted on this same drawer. Finally, digital regulation is simple use of it. (Note: on request, groups can also be deported/delivered separately.)
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Ventilated windows
All of our refrigerated showcases have ventilation
their exterior façade and side ways.  This prevents fog from appearing on the windows. Finely integrated at the base of the glazing, the ears diffusion run throughout the linear.

Showcase base
In solid aluminium 7 cm in height, they are omega-shaped to avoid any possible upsurge
moisture. In addition, the foundation of the  The window is protected from blows thanks to a profile peripheral aluminium of great discretion.
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Finishing the songs
Our veneer equipment guarantees you the better longevity. Its patented application reactive intrinsic properties of PVC (2 mm) for a "zero joint" finish.

LED lighting
All of our presentation furniture is equipped
low-voltage LED lighting. Ribbons
LEDs are integrated into a discrete U profile, fixed in
below the upper trays. Ribbons
120 LEDs per metre offering an angle of
120-degree radiation, a 4000K hue and a
30,000 hours of battery life.
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<b style="letter-spacing: 0px;">Ossature arrière</b>
The rear frame is made of aluminium profile allowing you to receive a large tablet 487mm high presentation. His design has been designed so as not to obstruct the vision of the products on the show trays. Has demand, an intermediate tablet is also available.

All our closures (doors and drawers) receive  hinges or silent backstage with a cushioned "end-of-race brake." Great comfort use, this allows for a closure automatic noiseless.
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The "Switch" system
Our "Switch" concept is an original and  effective in meeting customer expectations and develop your turnover in sandwich shops. Offer your customers quality sandwiches, prepared before their eyes by passing from the sweet salted in less than 5 minutes.

On the exhibition surface of the cold display,  you can present your gastro bins with a stainless steel or composite resin support. Each medium can receive a choice of 4 or 6 bins and has retractable handles for easy and fast handling. In addition of this system, we recommend the addition of "cold compartment" option that allows you to to keep your gastro bins.
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Cold reserve
Available as an option this ventilated cold compartment  is arranged in the lower part near the refrigeration group. Receiving support from 40x60 (or gastro bin) in 2 or 3 floors following the desired height. Isolated door and slides are made of stainless steel. This option is possible on 4 trays (1portillon), 5 and 6 trays (2 gates).

PMR removable tablet
Available as an option this tablet is discreet and suitable for people with reduced mobility. It blends into the décor of the shop window and deployed replaces an advantageous PMR crate. Mounted on the backstage it is easily handled on the service side of the window.
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Bread exhibition
Our windows are adapted for the exhibition of the bread on the customer side. The loaves are arranged on lent and LED-lit wooden shelves. thus highlighted, they are perfectly presented to the customer's view.

Bread cart
This bread cart is a great way to present quantity of product in a minimum of clutter linear (4 heights). Its base is more 
low as the display area guaranteeing
on the top floor an acceptable height.  Equipped with wheels it is easily moveable for loading or cleaning and recessing perfectly in the décor of the display case.
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Our panets are available in many
Variants. Classics, they  can also be wrought iron or minimalist. They can also fit into the wall thanks to a painted steel structure and receive - or 
no - a background panel. They receive a light
LEDon on each floor.

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