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Rotary trolley ovens
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Eurofours expertise
Our expertise represents 40 years of experience in design, manufacturing and use
for products as varied as traditions are different around the world.
Performance and energy consumption
They combine to make the cooking that corresponds to the expectations of the demanding professional.
Using energy with the best efficiency and the lowest possible consumption is a decisive challenge to offer you the best ovens.
The quality of a Eurofours furnace is always defined by
The quality of the materials and components used. A design that goes beyond the use that will be made of it.
Rigorous, controlled manufacturing at each stage of Assembly.
A start-up, service and advice always available to accompany you on a daily basis.

High-performing design

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Our rotary trolley ovens are designed for foolproof robustness. Their treated steel boxes ensure a record longevity. Equipped with cascading fog on either side of the turbines, it quickly recovers the temperature needed to produce a wet steam. Simple and efficient, it is almost maintenance-free. (Recommended water purifier)
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Insulation materials remain stable and effective throughout the oven lifecycle. Our tests show that the outer walls of the oven remain at a maximum temperature of 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit) above the temperature
the supply. This is possible thanks to the choices of the best materials (stabilized glass wool and reinforced 45mm thick.)
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Transport and assembly facilities

Demountable in  3 parts (optional) our rotary trolley ovens adapt to any type of transport and space! As for the assembly, it represents only one day of
two-fiters. This allows you to don't immobilize your supply and pass production, both for the craftsman and for the industry!
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Foggy steam and airflow control

Measuring the speed of rotation of turbines like that of the cart is a key challenge for smooth and homogeneous cooking. The airflows are perfectly controlled and controlled by 6 side flaps. These adjustable shutters allow you to fine-tune your cooking results according to your cooking habits, product types and tastes of your customers!

to offer you the best

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Easy getting started

Available as an option, the eDrive control is a 60x100mm (4.5'' touchscreen built into the front of the oven. It can process 100 programs: 1 manual program, 3 continuous cooking programs and 96 recipes with 6 possible phases. Its interface has been specially developed with a constant concern for ergonomics: it is one of the most intuitive regulations on the market.
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Ultra fast heating

The reactivity of an oven allows not only increased productivity, but also controlled energy consumption. All the design parameters of our rotary cart ovens (caisson, insulation, resistances...) also participate in an ultra-fast heating, to start and chain the cooking in record time. 
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Performance and versatility

As comfortable for bakers (with the 40x80 format) and pastry (with the 40x60 format and the speed dimmer option), our rotary trolley ovens are perfectly suited to an ultra intensive production environment.

Discover its features:


Electric ovens

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600 × 800 : ref FRE-EP144 (S)

L x P x H (mm): 1500 x 1500 x 2300

Electrical power: 57.3 kW

heating power: 54 kW

800 x 800 : ref FRE-EP180 (M)

W x D x H (mm): 1600 x 1783 x 2300

electrical power: 67.5 kW

heating power: 64 kW

800 x 1000 : ref FRE-EP216 (L)

W x D x H (mm): 1600 x 1783 x 2300

Electric power: 79 kW

heating power: 76 kW

Gas or fuel ovens

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600 × 800: ref FRE-GP144 (S)

L x P x H (mm): 1500 x 1500 x 2300

Electric power: 3.6 kW

heating power: 90 kW

800 x 1000 : ref FRE-GPN216 (L)

W x D x H (mm): 1600 x 1983 x 2300

Electric power: 3.6 kW

heating power: 110 kW



Digital Runi

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Team the range of ovens ventilated as standard. This digital control allows to control all the functions of the oven (time and cooking temperature fog, oura, hood)

eDrive touch

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Available as an option, the eDrive control is a 60x100mm base (4.5 ' ') touch screen built into the oven front. It allows to process 100 programs: 

1 manual program

3 continuous cooking programs

96 recipes with 6 possible phases.



Fog chimney kit

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Possibility to deliver the oven in several parts.

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Double mist

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Connected oven

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Discover all the advantages of connected ovens!

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