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At Eurofours, ventilated ovens are the basis of our history.
They are our roots, our present and our future. 
This is why we have been the leader in this field for almost 40 years. 
Our philosophy is based on two simple ideas: 
to preserve our historical industrial know-how 
and develop innovative features that meet our customers' expectations.
From these 40 years of expertise in the design and manufacture of ventilated ovens 
is your new ally for your achievements
A versatility foolproof!

Visibility optimal

Energy efficiency exceptional

Maintenance practice

There is the cooking, 

and cooking in the
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Versatility foolproof!

Optimal ventilation, high-efficiency motor, efficient regulation,
a choux pastry system, an odour stop, redesigned airflow...
All these advantages make the R-Spirit a versatile companion capable of following you in all your projects:
bakery, pastry, snacking...

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Ventilation optimal

Accompanied by researchers from a prestigious aeronautics school, we carried out aeraulic simulations in order to obtain an optimal distribution of air flows on all the floors of the cooking chamber. To guarantee perfect development of volume and taste, the air must be propelled gently to caress the product.

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Engines with high efficiency

The R-Spirit oven is equipped with high efficiency "Brushless" motors. These motors reduce noise and friction and ensure an exceptionally long service life. The synchronous operation of the motors ensures an extremely precise air flow.

Cooking chamber redesigned

The R-Spirit cooking chamber has been completely redesigned to ensure : 

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 Aeraulics irreproachable

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A removable interior without tools

Behind every little cooking,
of high technology.


eDrive 7

eDrive 7 is the result of over forty years of experience.
The challenge? To offer you a modern regulation that meets all your needs
while being as intuitive and versatile as possible.

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The design in all its details

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Visibility and efficiency

Visibility is important.
This is why we have equipped our oven with a panoramic glass window and neutral LED lighting, which allows an optimal and realistic view of the baking process at all times.

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Space requirements and insulation

The R-Spirit oven allows for the integration of rear technical elements such as the fume extraction system in order to benefit from a considerably reduced space requirement.
The R-Spirit is wrapped with a high-performance insulation reinforced with a layer of aluminium, a double-supported door seal and an athermal window.

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Automatic opening!

The large red anodised aluminium handle has been designed to be as ergonomic as possible. Right or left-handed, small or large, it will adapt to all morphologies! Equipped with an infrared barrier, a simple presence of your hand on the handle will allow you to open the door in a single gesture, even if you are wearing gloves.

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No more cleaning chores!

The R-Spirit oven is also available in a self-cleaning.
Program a wash cycle after installing our cartridge  Cleanliness 2 in 1, specially developed to thoroughly clean the R-Spirit oven.
Make yourself comfortable, the R-Spirit takes care of the rest!

Discover its features:


Oven 5 plates

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inter-storey space : 

5 bandejas: 85mm

Connection power: 7.2 kW

Heating capacity: 6.8 kW 

~3x400V+N+T - 50-60 Hz / 11.62 A

~3x220V+N+T - 50-60 Hz / 18,87 A

~1x230V+N+T - 50-60 Hz / 31.37 A

Ref : VEE-*A05* 400x600

W: 780 - D: 1070 mm - PO: 1736mm H: 687mm weight (kg): 124

Ref : VEE-*T05* 600x400

W: 980 - D: 870 mm - PO: 1736mm H: 687mm weight (kg): 124

Oven 10 plates

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inter-storey space : 

10 bandejas: 85mm

Connection power: 14.6 kW

Heating capacity: 13.6 kW 

~3x400V+N+T - 50-60 Hz / 21.43 A

~3x220V+N+T - 50-60 Hz / 35.94 A

~1x230V+N+T - 50-60 Hz / 60.94 A

Ref : VEE-*A10* 400x600

W: 780 - D: 1070 mm - PO: 1736mm H: 1112mm weight (kg): 182




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Air-condensingTTE del condensador

Condensed by intercambiador, the vapours are transformed into water and then evacuated through the network.


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Una humedad controlada

Altura de 910mm

In adjustable legs or wheels

Number of seats: 8

Separación entre niveles: 75mm

Weight: 79kg

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Armario de fermentación controlada

Fermentación directa

Frío directo

Ciclo completo

Almacenamiento de las últimas temperaturas

Informaciones grupo/desescarche/ciclo corto

Visualisation of defects

Higrostato manual, adjustable from 30 to 100%.

Stainless steel frente and cookware

Puerta de acero inoxidable

In adjustable legs or wheels


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In adjustable legs or wheels

Height 220

Number of seats: 0 

Weight (kg): 5

Height 410

number of floors: 2

Weight (kg): 31

Height 610

Number of seats: 4 

Weight (kg): 41

Altura 910

Number of seats: 8

Weight (kg): 50




Lhe R-Spirit oven is available in an "Autowash" version.

By simply adding a cleaning cartridge "Cleanliness 2 in 1" the oven will start a cleaning cycle Complete wash including (cleaning, pre-wash, washing, rinsing, drying) which will ensure a perfectly clean and effortless. No more chores of cleaning! "Autowash saves you time.

Personal color

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Stainless steel is standard, but we offer the option of coating the stainless steel front panels in a choice of colours (black, red, white or customised). This baked-on finish is particularly resistant and easy to maintain. Applied to a stainless steel support, it adds a touch that reinforces the character of the oven and is a decorative element that fits harmoniously into your shop. You can request a customised colour. We will offer you a study and a realization that will satisfy your expectations.

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